Certis Oncology Releases New Cancer Model Database, BarneyOI™

San Diego, CA—Certis Oncology Solutions, a life science technology company, announced today the release of its new cancer model database, BarneyOI™. This proprietary, online repository houses deep molecular characterization data for Certis’ expanding bank of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) tumor models and cancer cell lines. With enhanced search features and user interface, BarneyOI gives cancer researchers easy access to the clinically relevant tumor models they need to acquire actionable therapeutic response data from translational studies.

“Certis was founded on and will remain on the cutting edge of translational science,” said Certis Oncology Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer, Peter Ellman. “An industry-leading cancer model database is a natural complement to the world’s most clinically relevant, richly characterized cancer models.”

BarneyOI is available online and allows cancer researchers to compare more than three million gene expression results to disease-free tissue. Registered users can search hundreds of highly characterized, richly annotated, low-passage, patient-consented, PDX tumor models and cell lines.

How BarneyOI Got Its Name
The new database was named in honor of Barney Berglund, late son of the company’s chairman and the first cancer patient Certis served. “Certis has grown and expanded considerably over the last few years,” said Ellman. “Bringing Barney’s memory into our daily conversations is a great way to remind us all why we come to work each day,” said Ellman. “Ultimately, everything we do leads back to improving the lives of real people—our children, parents, friends—who are living with cancer.”

About Certis Oncology Solutions
Certis Oncology Solutions is a life science technology company committed to realizing the promise of precision oncology. Our product is Oncology Intelligence™ — highly predictive therapeutic response data derived from advanced biological models of cancer and enhanced with AI-driven bioinformatics. Our proprietary platform informs individual treatment decisions and accelerates the development of new cancer therapies.

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