A Growing Certis Oncology Solutions Expands Laboratory Footprint and Capabilities

San Diego-based preclinical translational science company is making moves.
Certis Oncology Solutions, Inc., a precision oncology and translational science company, has expanded its operations and moved to a new facility at 5626 Oberlin Drive in San Diego. The new location provides four times the capacity for in vivo efficacy testing and doubles the laboratory space needed to accommodate the company’s growing pharmaceutical services business.

“The energy and enthusiasm are quite palpable around here,” said Peter Ellman, CEO. “I couldn’t be prouder of our team or more excited about our company’s future.”

Certis was founded in 2016 to provide in vivo drug efficacy testing to individual cancer patients and preclinical services to the life sciences industry in its development of new cancer therapies. The company develops orthotopic patient-derived xenograft (O-PDX) models of human cancers in immunocompromised mice, which function as avatars for individual patients. These avatars enable the simultaneous testing of multiple therapies in the laboratory to determine which treatment or combination of treatments works best—or very importantly, does not work—on an individual patient’s unique form of cancer. Drug innovators contract this same technology to Certis to test and select the most promising candidates for clinical development.

“Every day, we learn more about the biology, chemistry and complex mechanisms that drive cancer. At Certis, we’re committed to staying on the leading edge of oncological science, leveraging the most clinically relevant models, cutting edge analytical techniques and advanced instrumentation to bring greater certainty to the fight against cancer,” said Ellman.

Certis will host an open house on July 30 to celebrate and showcase its new capabilities to the local medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences communities.

Certis Oncology Solutions
Kristein King