What makes the CertisAI platform different from others? 

There are many types of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms in cancer drug discovery. CertisAI is laser-focused on predicting therapeutic efficacy. Compared to other AI-enabled approaches, the Certis platform offers these advantages:

  • Multimodal machine learning algorithms – Unlike common single-biomarker strategies often employed in precision medicine, CertisAI uses multivariate machine learning algorithms to capture the nuance of biomarker interactions and bring greater accuracy to predictions of drug efficacy.
  • External validation of predictions is performed in-house – We test and validate CertisAI predictions in clinically relevant in vitro and in vivo cancer models —well characterized, low passage patient-derived xenografts (PDX) and PDX-derived 3D cell cultures.
  • Data Normalization – Certis can take your raw data and properly structure it to reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity.
  • AI Model Customization – Certis scientists can work with you to customize an AI model that is trained specifically for your compound. Certis collaborates with you to design preclinical studies to address your unique biomarker strategy.