What kind of characterization data is available on your PDX cancer models?

BarneyOI provides a wide variety of details about each model, including the following:

  • Patient characteristics (gender, HLA status and prior treatment – for some specimens, the donor patient’s full treatment history is available)
  • Tumor characteristics (disease stage, disease grade, cancer type, cancer subtype, model type, tumor site, model ID)
  • Primary/Metastasis, with links to related models
  • Tumor engraftment details (sample type, mouse strain, implantation site, tumor growth curves)
  • Pharmacology study results
  • Histology staining slides
  • MRI imaging
  • Genomic Analysis (expression levels, mutations, gene fusions copy number variations)
  • In vitro pharmacology

Whether your ideal model is naïve or pretreated, primary or metastatic, orthotopic or heterotopic PDX or cell culture, developing clinically relevant models and providing a smarter way to find them is one more way Certis delivers Oncology Intelligence.