How do you ensure the quality and accuracy of your cancer models?

With the BarneyOI Cancer Model Database, you can easily search and select in vivo (PDX and O-PDX) models and in vitro (cell line-derived xenograft) CDX models from the Certis Tumor Bank. You’ll find robust characterization data that faithfully represent each model’s unique genetic and biologic features.

Each PDX, CDX and PDX-derived cell line model in the Certis Tumor Bank is genetically sequenced using next-generation technology; WES and RNAseq data is analyzed to confirm genetic fidelity of the model over serial passaging. We also apply spectral flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry techniques to verify the murine content in all of our cancer models.

The Certis in-house data science team also conducts regular quality control checks of the Tumor Bank. Our data scientists review gene coverage and remove murine contamination where applicable. Learn more about our predictive analytics capabilities.